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Canine Refuses to Leave Woman’s Side; Spouse Contacts Authorities After Discovering Reason

Man Contacts Authorities After Discovering Reason Why Canine Refuses to Leave Woman’s Side

George and his girlfriend, Zoey, made a pact to take care of their friend Cory’s dog, Rex, even though Zoey was initially unsure about handling larger breeds. At first, looking after Rex was easy because he was well-mannered, but things didn’t go as planned. George observed that Rex was acting strangely around Zoey.

Man Contacts Authorities After Discovering Why Pup Refuses to Leave Woman's SideHusband Calls Police When He Finds Out Why Dog Won’t Leave Woman Alone

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Since the beginning, Rex had been constantly by Zoey’s side. This caught George’s attention, as it was out of the ordinary. As George began to observe Rex’s actions towards Zoey, he grew more worried about their significance. Was Rex trying to protect Zoey from something, or did he have ill intentions towards her? The unfolding events in the following weeks were something George could never have predicted.

Business Travel

Cory, George’s closest companion, required assistance from George before embarking on a business trip abroad. As Cory would be away for a few weeks, he was unable to take his Doberman, Rex, with him. Although Cory had already made arrangements with his usual dog sitter for Rex, she had to back out at the eleventh hour due to a family emergency. With such little time left, Cory had no other option but to turn to George for help.

Business TravelBusiness Trip

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George easily agreed to watch Cory’s dog since he understood how much Rex meant to him. Cory and Rex shared an inseparable connection, and George wanted to assure Cory that his dear dog would be well taken care of. However, George was aware that his girlfriend, Zoey, would not be as willing since she was often anxious around larger dogs. Nonetheless, he promised Cory to have a conversation with Zoey and inform him as soon as possible.

No Need to Be Concerned

Fortunately, as George and Cory were conversing about the matter, Zoey arrived in the driveway and joined in. In an attempt to calm her anxiety, Cory reassured his companions that Rex was a seasoned police dog who had served at an airport, thus, he was highly trained and always behaved impeccably. Zoey was comforted by the fact that she had no reason to fear having Rex at home.

No Need to WorryThere is nothing to be concerned about.


George and Cory reassured Zoey that there was nothing to worry about and that Rex posed no danger to their household. They stated that he was well-mannered and would not cause any trouble. Reluctantly, Zoey agreed to let Rex stay while Cory was away. Little did she know, his presence would have a lasting impact on their lives.

Arrival of Rex

Despite allowing Rex to stay with her this time, Zoey made it clear to Cory that this could not become a regular occurrence and that he should have a backup plan in the future. The following week, Cory brought Rex back and Zoey and George worked together to ensure that he had a comfortable and welcoming place to stay.

Rex ArrivesRex’s Arrival

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Despite their intimidating reputation, Rex, the Doberman, proved to be just as well-behaved and trained as Cory had promised. During walks, he would follow instructions and remain calm, making George and Zoey feel at ease in their temporary home. They were pleasantly surprised to find that everything they were promised was exactly what they were experiencing, and they were amazed at the level of training their new furry companion had. However, little did they know, there was even more to Rex than they could have ever anticipated.

Becoming a Member of the Family

Once Rex was settled in the house, Zoey noticed a feeling of relaxation and less anxiety around the dog. Despite her growing comfort with having Rex around, she still maintained her personal boundaries. Zoey was in charge of providing food and tidying up his toys, while George took care of taking Rex for walks both in the morning and evening.

Joining the FamilyBecoming Part Of The Family

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As Rex settled into his daily routine, he grew accustomed to spending time with George and Zoey. George also found solace in taking morning walks with Rex, while Zoey found their evening bonding time to be a much-needed break from her hectic day. With Rex around, everything seemed to fall into a harmonious rhythm and their bond as a family only grew stronger.

Raising Concerns

After a couple of days, things were going smoothly as everyone adjusted to the routine. The new aspect of their relationship brought happiness to everyone as they found fulfillment in their roles. However, all good things come to an end. Unfortunately, after those few days, Rex’s demeanor began to shift.

Warning Signs ArisingRaising Some Red Flags

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Rex’s change in behavior was easily noticeable. He went from being obedient and playful to exhibiting signs of anxiety, constantly pacing around the house. As he paced, he would often whine and growl, causing a sense of unease among everyone. Was there something bothering Rex? This abrupt shift in his behavior was quite worrisome.

Unusual Behavior Persists

Despite their hopes, George and Zoey were unable to see Rex’s anxious tendencies disappear. In fact, they persisted even more. At night, Rex would bark and scratch at their bedroom door, causing disruptions. George assumed that Rex needed to go outside, but the dog stubbornly refused to leave the house. As time went on, Rex’s pacing became more frequent, and he would often pace in front of Zoey while she was watching TV.

Strange Behavior PersistsStrange Behavior Persists


George made the decision to seek help from a professional in dog behavior to address the unexpected changes in Rex’s behavior. The expert was invited to their residence to assess the situation. Upon closely observing Rex and considering the concerns expressed by George and Zoey, the specialist advised conducting a thorough examination of Rex’s health to uncover any potential reasons for his anxiousness. With a deeper investigation, they aimed to discover solutions that would restore harmony to both Rex and their home.

Reaching Out to Cory

George contacted Cory to inform him about Rex’s actions. Upon receiving the news, Cory was uncertain but reassured his friends that things would be alright. As Cory was not present and Rex was in an unfamiliar environment, there may be some feelings of separation anxiety as he adjusts.

Reaching Out to Cory Contacting Cory


In just a few days, Rex returned to his normal state as George and Zoey had full trust in Cory.

Regrettably, despite a brief period of Rex reverting back to his usual behavior, his anxiety resurfaced. Once more, Rex was restlessly pacing, barking and growling, showing signs of being on edge. George and Zoey were perplexed as to why the behavior had returned, leading them to once again search for an answer that would lead them down an unexpected path.

Rex’s Disruptive Behavior

On that particular morning, Rex surprised Zoey by doing something completely out of the ordinary while she was getting ready for the day in their bedroom. He entered the room as Zoey was putting on her socks and engaged in a rather strange behavior.

Rex's Misbehaving BehaviorRex’s Misbehaving Behavior


As Zoey glanced up, she spotted Rex holding a handful of her socks in his mouth and neatly stacking them on the ground. She was perplexed and couldn’t comprehend why Rex had suddenly taken an interest in her socks after all this time. She mentioned the odd occurrence to George, who was equally confused and questioned if there was a hidden message behind Rex’s behavior.

A Surprising Ambush

On a surprising morning, once more in the bedroom, Rex went up to Zoey and let out a deep whine before leaping onto her. Zoey was pushed onto the bed and was held down by Rex’s heaviness. George heard the noise in the bedroom and hurried in to find out why Zoey was shrieking.

Surprise AssaultAn Unexpected Attack

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Upon entering the room, George was greeted by the sight of Rex on top of Zoey, displaying an aggressive body posture. Immediately, George noticed Zoey’s fear and took action by grabbing Rex’s collar and pulling him off. After physically removing Rex from the bedroom, George swiftly closed the door. Zoey was visibly shaken by the incident and was in tears. She confided in George that Cory needed to find a new home for the dog as soon as possible. George realized that he would have to have a serious conversation with Cory about relocating Rex.

The Troubled Relationship of Zoey

Zoey was still greatly affected by the incident involving Rex, leaving George unsure of how to handle the situation. He decided to reach out to Cory, but was aware that he wouldn’t be able to contact him for a few days due to a lack of cell service. George briefly considered leaving Rex outside during this time, but Zoey, despite being scared by the incident, didn’t want to risk any harm coming to the dog. Ultimately, Rex did not actually harm her.

Image of Zoey's Strained Relationship

Zoey’s relationship is going through a rough time.

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George believed that Rex may have been acting playfully and was unaware of his own strength, but he became increasingly annoyed as he didn’t know how to manage the situation. In his frustration, George concluded that Rex’s behavior was a result of inadequate training, and he planned to inform Cory during their next conversation. Zoey chose to keep her distance from Rex until George and Cory had the chance to discuss the matter.

Rex Develops a Strong Connection

Despite Zoey’s efforts to maintain a distance, Rex had different intentions. He grew closer to her and never wanted to part from her. Rex started to spend time lying on the couch with Zoey while she watched TV and would occasionally rest his head on her lap. What prompted this sudden shift in Rex’s behavior? Was he feeling remorse for the previous incident? And why was he not showing the same affection towards George?

Rex Develops a BondRex Develops a Connection

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George was curious about the lack of affection shown by Rex towards him, prompting him to start investigating. He recalled that Rex used to be a retired police dog who worked at the airport, leading him to wonder about the specific role that Rex had as a police dog. Despite the possibility of Cory not having service, George attempted to call him, but was unsuccessful. He had a suspicion that Rex’s behavior was influenced by his previous career as a police dog. George pondered whether Rex was a security dog or a more specialized type such as a drug-detecting dog, and sought answers to his questions.

Conducting Research

Unable to contact Cory, George took it upon himself to do some investigating. He delved into the potential job opportunities for police dogs and was pleasantly surprised by the wealth of information available on the internet. The resources not only offered valuable knowledge, but also shed light on the transition from active duty to retirement for police dogs.

Conducting ResearchConducting Research

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George was intrigued by a particular story of a former K9 officer who had served many years in the police department. The dog, named Max, was able to find a loving family to spend his retirement with. Max seamlessly integrated into the family and even became a therapy dog, bringing happiness to children in hospitals. This made George realize that retired police dogs can still make a positive difference, and perhaps Rex’s adjustment to civilian life was not as unusual as he had initially thought.

Altering His Doubt

In his quest for answers, George perceived a growing comprehension of Rex’s actions. Uncertain if he was being overly suspicious or overanalyzing, George’s suspicions turned towards Zoey. He began to closely observe her behavior and noticed it to be peculiar. Zoey seemed distant and would deflect whenever Rex’s behavior was mentioned. She even seemed to deliberately avoid making eye contact.

Suspicion ChangedTransforming His Doubt


George started to suspect that Zoey might be keeping a secret. However, instead of confronting Zoey right away, he chose to investigate the situation on his own. One day, George’s doubts intensified when he stumbled upon a strange message on Zoey’s phone while searching for his charger. The sender’s name was unfamiliar, and the message seemed to be coded. Although it seemed to allude to something, George couldn’t decipher the context of the conversation. Could there be a valid reason for his suspicions?

The Enigmatic Journey

After George stumbled upon the strange text, Zoey’s behavior changed noticeably in the following days. She informed George that she had to make a trip into town to retrieve something. George offered to stay home with Rex while she ran the errand. However, after Zoey left, George decided to bring Rex along and followed her to a gas station located on the outskirts of town. Upon arrival, Zoey spent a few minutes standing outside.

The Enigmatic JourneyThe Mysterious Trip

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While sitting in his car, George observed Zoey standing outside and couldn’t help but wonder why. Suddenly, a stranger approached Zoey and they exchanged a small package. George was perplexed by the secrecy of their meeting and exchange. This led to a series of unforeseen events.

Continuing the Process of Monitoring and Remaining Vigilant

Following the exchange of the package, Zoey proceeded to the rear of the establishment. Meanwhile, George, burdened with remorse for secretly observing his girlfriend, lost sight of her destination. He patiently waited for about 20 minutes until Zoey emerged once again and entered her vehicle.

Remaining PatientRemaining Patient

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George was struggling to comprehend the events that had taken place and was aware that there was something suspicious about the clandestine gathering. He pondered over the identity of the unknown individual Zoey had encountered and questioned why she had disappeared behind the gas station for almost 20 minutes. He understood that he needed to investigate the matter, but he felt like he was not making any progress towards a significant revelation.

Hurrying back

As George’s thoughts were consumed by the recent events he had witnessed, he realized he needed to hurry home in order to arrive before Zoey and behave as if nothing was amiss. While George had a feeling that something was off, he chose to stay silent and gather more proof before addressing the issue.

Heading HomeHeading Home

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In the following days, George’s uneasiness grew as he pondered the gas station situation. He started keeping a closer eye on Zoey, hoping to uncover any clues without risking their relationship. However, the mysterious text and her clandestine meeting at the gas station fueled George’s suspicions, creating an undeniable tension. He realized he must delve deeper into the matter.

A Trust That Has Been Shattered

The bizarre text and Zoey’s enigmatic encounter lingered in George’s thoughts, causing him to ponder the potential reasons behind it. His mind immediately jumped to the worst-case scenarios. Was she being unfaithful if she was keeping secrets from him? What could be inside the package? Was she involved in some sort of illegal activity? His confusion only grew, and he yearned for clarification. George realized he needed proof of the situation to ease the uncertainty that was affecting his daily routine.

A Broken Trust Image

The trust has been shattered.

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With the growing tension, George contemplated addressing Zoey to clear his mind. However, she seemed uneasy and interrupted him when he attempted to broach the subject. This only heightened George’s suspicion and reinforced his belief that Zoey was concealing something. He intensified his efforts to uncover the truth once and for all. Little did he know, the revelations waiting for him were beyond his expectations.

Zoey’s Distancing Behavior

As the days went by, Zoey began spending more time away from home. She was no longer around to feed Rex during the usual evening hours and always had justifications prepared for her absence. Gradually, she started staying out later, citing work obligations. Meanwhile, Rex’s behavior also shifted, as he kept nuzzling his head against Zoey’s legs and pouncing on her whenever she sat down.

A Change in Zoey's BehaviorZoey Becomes More Distant

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George couldn’t help but notice that he and Zoey seemed to be drifting apart and he couldn’t quite pinpoint the reason for Zoey’s change. Was the recent incident with Rex and Zoey the cause of her distancing herself from their home? Did her previous fears of big dogs resurface? Perhaps Zoey was spending less time at home to avoid being around Rex.

Rex’s Background Check

As Zoey’s avoidance of Rex was a potential issue, George delved into Rex’s history as a former police dog. He opted to investigate the identity of Rex’s previous handler at the airport. After conducting thorough research, George learned that Officer Simmons was Rex’s former handler and he tried to initiate a conversation with him.

Rex's Background CheckA Review of Rex’s Background


George made the decision to contact Officer Simmons, however, the police department was not cooperative in sharing his personal details. This proved to be another obstacle for George in his quest for answers. As a final effort, George opted to visit the airport where Rex had been employed and speak with the security staff directly. Despite inquiring with the officers on duty, none of them recalled Rex. Although his attempt to gather information about Rex was fruitless, it unexpectedly brought him closer to his desired outcome.

Obstacle on the Road, but Still Persisting

George was determined to gather details about Rex’s tenure at the airport, but the security personnel were uncooperative. Despite receiving no response from the present employees, he decided to visit the airport security office in hopes of receiving assistance. They advised him to reach out to retired officers, considering it had been a considerable time since Rex’s departure. To aid his search, they even offered a brief list of names.

Overcoming ObstaclesStruggling, But Persevering


George realized that there must be individuals who possessed knowledge about Rex, considering his extensive tenure at the airport. As a result, he contacted retired airport employees and gathered their insights in hopes of finding some answers. Despite feeling like he was getting closer to crucial information, George could not have anticipated what he was about to uncover.

An Enigmatic Phone Call

Upon arriving home, George discovered that Zoey was absent and Rex had destroyed the couch. As he tidied up the debris, George’s phone began to ring from an unfamiliar number. He answered and a male voice spoke, “George, I understand you’ve been inquiring about Rex. I advise caution in your pursuits, my dear friend. Some matters are best left unexplored.” George was shocked. Who was this person?

A Strange Phone CallA Mysterious Call

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The man inquired if George was the one taking care of his previous police dog, Rex. George had a feeling he knew the voice, as it sounded similar to one of Zoey’s friends. He confirmed, saying, “Yes, it’s me.” The man warned, “You should stop snooping around. You’re out of your depth, son.” The call ended abruptly. George then understood that the unusual treatment he received from airport security could have been another attempt to conceal Rex’s enigmatic history. But he was determined to continue his investigation.

What is Happening?

George was taken aback by the strange and menacing phone call from an unfamiliar man. He couldn’t help but wonder if Zoey had any involvement in it. As he questioned his own sanity, George’s concern shifted towards Zoey and her recent secretive actions. Both Rex and his girlfriend seemed to be shrouded in mystery.

What Is Happening?What Is Happening?

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In an attempt to distract himself from the chaos, George decided to take Rex on a lengthy run, in the hopes of tiring him out so that he could have a restful night’s sleep. Upon arriving home, Zoey was there and expressed her frustration over the damaged couch. She inquired about George’s whereabouts throughout the day, to which he gave a vague response about going for a run. However, Zoey was aware that this run was not just a regular one, as it would have been impossible for George to be gone all day. George was reluctant to reveal the whole truth, but he knew he had to address the situation.

Biased Treatment

George was irritated by Zoey’s questioning. He couldn’t understand why she was angry at him, considering her recent secretive behavior. This led to an argument between the couple as tensions reached a breaking point. The fight initially began over Rex and a cushion on the couch, but George had other issues that he needed to address.

Image of Double Standard

The concept of double standards.

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As the argument between them persisted, their voices grew increasingly louder as they each expressed their frustrations. While they tried to focus on the topic of Rex and the couch, it was evident that their underlying issues were causing the tension. Eventually, both of them became fatigued, but Rex’s anxiety only intensified.

The Arrival of the Tempest

Rex was pacing the room with nervousness, suddenly started barking and marched towards the front door in an aggressive manner. This caught the attention of George and Zoey, who paused their argument to observe Rex’s unusual behavior, sensing that something bad might be about to occur. George then advised Zoey to go upstairs, feeling uneasy about Rex’s actions.

Approaching StormThe anticipated storm is drawing near.

The image and video sharing platform, Shutterstock.

Accompanied by the loud barking of Rex, a fierce rainstorm relentlessly beat against the windows, intensifying the sense of unease within the house. Zoey made her way upstairs, while both she and George couldn’t shake off the feeling of anxiety, as if Rex was trying to alert them of an impending disaster.

A Rapping at the Entrance

Out of nowhere, a knock on the door startled George and Zoey. George quickly instructed Zoey to go upstairs, while he braced himself for the unknown visitor at the front door. It turned out to be two police officers whom George had secretly contacted earlier that day, without Zoey’s awareness.

A Knock At The Door

There was a knock at the door.

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During his conversation with the police, George revealed that his girlfriend, Zoey, had been taking mysterious trips and making secretive phone calls late at night. He also expressed some unexpected suspicions about her behavior. As they were speaking, Zoey attempted to sneak downstairs to listen in on their discussion.

A Call for a Confrontation

Eventually, George summoned Zoey to descend the stairs. When she arrived in the living room, George and the two officers were already there, ready to have a conversation with her. Zoey was unsure of what was happening, but George explained that he had contacted the police because of her unusual actions and tendency to keep things to herself. Zoey felt hurt that George had involved the authorities in her personal matters.

It's Time to Confront the Issue

It’s Time to Confront the Issue

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During a conversation, the officers informed the individual that they wanted to discuss their recent actions and address concerns that were shared by their boyfriend. George went on to reveal that he had found out that Rex was previously a drug detection dog at the airport. He expressed worry that Rex’s behavior towards Zoey might be due to his past training to react to the presence of drugs. George also mentioned being aware of the covert trip to the gas station where a package was exchanged, which raised suspicions. He then asked for an explanation for what she was keeping hidden.

Feeling Deceived

Zoey was taken aback by George’s assumptions and infuriated that he involved the police in their personal issues based on his belief that she was involved in drug-related activities. She realized that he had been tracking her and was shocked that the mere presence of a friend’s dog prompted him to conduct his own investigation into her.

Feeling of BetrayalEmotion of Betrayal

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Upon inhaling deeply, Zoey calmed her thoughts and came to the realization that it was simply a misinterpretation. George’s worries stemmed from feeling insecure due to Zoey’s increased outings and lack of transparency in communication. Zoey was aware that her undisclosed secret could potentially alter their relationship permanently, but she was prepared to confess and prayed for a positive outcome.

Being Honest

Zoey turned to George and spoke, informing him that she needed to disclose the truth because the situation had become unreasonable. She expressed her dismay at his accusations and intrusion into her personal life, but acknowledged that he did have some valid concerns. She elaborated on how she had come across a story about a dog who had a similar intuition when his owner became pregnant, which prompted her to buy a pregnancy test at the gas station following the unsettling incident with Rex.

Honesty is the Best Policy Coming Clean

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George was filled with remorse for his exaggerated reaction to the situation. They both admitted to their shared responsibility for the breakdown of communication. As they held hands, they vowed to mend their trust and prevent any miscommunication from causing a rift between them in the future. However, there were more unexpected events to come.

The Great Disclosure

With one final deep breath, Zoey mustered the courage to disclose her most profound secret. It all began when she stumbled upon a tale of a dog and its owner, and then later discovering a pregnancy test at the gas station, which ultimately revealed her own pregnancy. Due to her family’s unfortunate history of miscarriages, Zoey was hesitant to inform George, and she made the decision to wait until she was out of the precarious stage of her pregnancy before sharing the news with anyone.

The Big Reveal

The moment of truth has arrived.

George experienced a sense of relief upon receiving confirmation that his doubts were unfounded. The news was delivered by his girlfriend, bringing him joy. The police, who were present during the intense discussion, offered their congratulations and departed from the residence. Meanwhile, Rex, who was the first to be informed about Zoey’s pregnancy, leaned against her leg as she affectionately petted him. A few days later, Rex was taken home by Cory, leaving an empty space in George and Zoey’s home. However, it was only a matter of months before they would welcome their new addition.

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